Updated Practice Guidelines


Our Commitment is to You and Your Health

Our office strictly follows infection control recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  We follow the activities of these agencies daily so that we are up-to-date on any new rulings or guidance that may be issued due to COVID-19.  Below, please read about the changes we have made to our offices and the dental appointment experience in response to COVID-19. 

Please Call Us to Reschedule Your Appointment If Any of the Below Apply to You or Your Family/Household Members:

  • If you have traveled outside Massachusetts to a non low-risk state we are requiring you wait 14 days for an appointment, even if you have a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • For pediatric patients- If a parent/guardian has traveled outside the country or to a high-risk area, we will see your child, but we cannot allow the parent/guardian who traveled to enter the building. 
  • Any temperature 100.0 or higher is considered a fever.  We will not see anyone in the family/household if one member of the family/household has a fever.
  • If one member of the family/household has been exposed to a know COVID-19 POSITIVE person or a presumed COVID-19 POSITIVE/under investigation for COVID-19 person, we will reschedule the entire family/household.

Out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our patients and staff, we will reschedule your entire family for at least 14 days for any of the above.

Increased Patient Safety Measures

  • Medical-grade HEPA air filters in each treatment room capable of removing particles smaller than the COVID-19 virus.
  • Extensive training for doctors and staff on new protocols and procedures in response to the pandemic.
  • Every person who enters our office including doctors, staff, and patients are screened and temperatures taken to ensure we limit exposure to any risk factors for COVID-19 in compliance with Massachusetts Department of Public Health and CDC guidelines. 
  • All of our treatment chairs are over 6 feet apart.
  • New protocol for dental cleanings to minimize aerosol spray.
  • Whenever possible during appointments we use a rubber dam and high volume suction to reduce aerosol spray.  
  • Virtual waiting rooms.  
  • Patients will be asked to call if they develop symptoms within 48 hours of their dental visit, to allow for contact tracing.  
  • Re-scheduling appointments for patients who traveled outside of low-risk states until 14 days have passed.

New Dental Appointment Flow

Please respect and adhere to the following enhanced health and safety protocols.

Prior to Your Scheduled Appointment:

  • Please brush your teeth at home prior to coming to the office.
  • Please bring a mask or face covering (no masks with valves please).
  • Please call to reschedule your appointment if you or anyone in your family has had:
    • Contact with anyone who has diagnosed or suspected COVID-19 virus infection
    • A fever in the last 14-21 days
    • Flu-like symptoms such as upset stomach, headache or fatigue
    • Sore throat, cough, runny nose
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Loss of smell or taste
    • Travel outside of Massachusetts in the last 14 days.

Upon Your Arrival at the Office:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time for the check-in process.
  • 30 minutes prior to your appointment you will receive a text on your phone from our office. 
  • Respond to that text with the number "5" when you arrive at our office.  You will receive a text confirming your arrival.  Please wait in your car until we call or text you to come in.
  • Please put on your mask and approach our office.  For patients under 18 we ask that one responsible adult comes with them to the door to sign our consent forms and paperwork.  You will be greeted by a dental assistant who will take your temperature (and the temperature of any adult with a patient).  The waiting rooms are closed and only being used to screen patients. 
  • Out of an abundance of caution and rising COVID cases we are trying to limit numbers in our office to keep the office as safe as possible.  We are asking patients to stay for their appointment alone and asking parents to wait in the car during the appointments whenever possible.  If necessary, only one parent/guardian/caretaker can accompany a patient. Please do not bring siblings, friends, or relatives unless they are comfortable waiting in the car.
  • For patients under 18 who came into their appointments alone, either the assistant or hygienist will update you at the end of the appointment.  If there are additional questions the doctor will come out as well.  

During Treatment

  • Dental treatment rooms will be completely disinfected before each patient is seated, and public areas including restrooms will be cleaned frequently throughout the day.  
  • All treatment rooms have high-volume air filtration and purification units.  The units are capable of removing particles smaller than the COVID-19 virus.
  • Our team strictly follows guidelines set forth by the CDC, ADA, and OSHA in regards to personal protective equipment (PPE) and office sterilization.

Checking Out After Your Appointment

  • A text will be sent or a call made at the end of the appointment.  Then all patients will be escorted out of the office by a dental assistant and reunited with their responsible adult.  
  • We will call you to coordinate payment and schedule your next dental appointment.

We welcome any questions you have.  Thank you for your support and patience during our closure.  We look forward to seeing you again as our patients, neighbors, and friends!